ten on ten March 2014

 morning chores
 morning admiring
 morning rain
 afternoon naps
 afternoon color
 cat naps
dessert prep
 evening beckons

ten on ten button


ten on ten feb 2014 edition

 1.garden greens

 2. windowsill


 4. waiting

 5. dusty fiddlehead fig
6. blossom snow

 7. branch

 8. walk

 9. commonprayer

 10. music

ten on ten button


bits of gratefulness. a month in review

 My fantastic travel companion and read along ''Anne of Green Gables"

 Sisters and lovely red lipstick.

 Trumpter swans in Monet waters.

Friends, family and Christmas crackers all aglow.

 Bearded husband.

 A giant puppy by the tree.

 Mandolin music making in the evening.

The glorious sunset driving home.

Family photo shoots.